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Are you dealing with a business problem that you need urgent help with? If you don't want to dish out an unholy amount of money for a single consultation, drop by our Reshoper expert section and talk to some of the brightest minds in our industry.

17th May 2023, PVA EXPO PRAGUE, 8:00 - 18:00

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Marketing tools

Originally from Berlin, Lukas started as a network administrator, but for years he has fully devoted himself to online marketing. He got into the online world as a webmaster, held several other positions, and then moved to Kentico in Brno. Afterwards, he was CMO for the Smartlook analytics tool, which is used by customers in more than 90 countries. He loves all online marketing tools and tactics that move a business forward, and although he still considers PPC a top marketing channel, he likes to experiment with new opportunities. Last year he celebrated his first 200 million crowns spent in B2B and B2C online campaigns. Currently, he is a freelancer and helps B2B SaaS tools penetrate the global market through online marketing.


Brand protection and e-shop expansion

Petra Stupková focuses on online and e-commerce law. The law firm she founded specializes in e-commerce and online legal matters. The firm's clients include leading e-shops and technology companies, so Petra knows well that everyday reality in e-commerce requires both specific knowledge and a good overall picture. Come and talk about the legal changes that every e-shop has to deal with in 2023. Whether these are consumer changes, GDPR, or cookies. Petra will also advise you on brand protection or help you obtain a trademark grant. Stop by for a piece of advice and a practical checklist of the legal uncertainties for every e-shop owner.


Marketing strategies for e-shops

Michal helps clients with defining target groups, core messages, and the pillars of a brand. He creates marketing strategies for e-shops, as well as B2B and B2C companies. He also helps them set up processes, recruit, and evaluate KPIs. Discuss with him how best to set priority targets in your marketing plan. He started as an SEO consultant in 2003, co-founded, and has managed marketing for several companies. Today he runs the project.


Marketing battles, business terms and conditions, and personal data protection

Petra Dolejšová is a lawyer who specializes in the legal aspects of e-commerce, marketing, as well as personal data protection and branding. She will be happy to take a look at the issues that concern you, and will do her best to help you get a good night sleep once again. She explains everything clearly - her sentences are not full of gobbledygook or legal jargon; instead, she prefers simple but strong solutions with an overlap in marketing.


Complaint processes and contracts with influencers

Andrea has moved from an SEO agency into the legal profession, and at eLegal she specializes in consumer law and influencer marketing law. She helps clients set business terms and conditions for e-shops, complaint processes, and websites as a whole, so that the Czech Trade Inspection Authority is unable to deliver any nasty surprises during inspections. As part of marketing, she deals with relationships and contracts with influencers whom companies involve in their campaigns.


Facebook ads for e-shops

Petr got into Facebook ads at the age of 19, when they helped him generate millions in sales every month in his men's fashion e-shop. That's when he realized how business works and how a company can make a packet with Facebook ads. Today, together with his team, he takes care of campaigns for clients such as Manboxeo, Angry Beards, Grizly, and Vasky. At Reshoper, Petr will advise you on how to use Facebook promotion to achieve what you really want.


Internet marketing and business in general

Jirka is an entrepreneur of change and consultant - Jirka has been in e-commerce for twenty years and is now helping companies do business on the Internet. In close cooperation with his clients, he designs and implements changes in business, digital products, service design, brands, and marketing strategies. Because you need to change all the time. All the time!


UX and conversion rate optimization

David is an expert in UX and conversion rate optimization. He is involved in helping to improve the business performance of web projects, primarily e-commerce and SaaS projects. Dozens of successful projects have been developed in his hands, including Office Depot, Shoptet, SupportBox, and GentlemanStore. He has been running his own e-shop for 11 years, so he always looks at projects practically and in a way that makes business sense.


Do you want to make a profit from smart emailing?

Pavel helps both larger and smaller clients with the optimal setup of their email campaigns. His goal is to reduce the volume of "spam" that e-shops spew at their customers on a daily basis in the form of untargeted and non-personalized campaigns. He makes sure that email campaigns bring the desired results. His favourite line is "undelivered email doesn't sell" so you can discuss with him, for example, whether your emails even reach recipients' inboxes.


PPC for e-shops

Karel is a freelance marketing consultant and PPC campaign manager for large and medium sized e-shops. His focus is on maximum efficiency and automatization. He will advise you on how to get the most out of your PPC campaigns, how to properly control and task your campaign manager and how to evaluate campaigns. He will add valuable tips on how to keep your campaign creation and management as simple as possible.


Increasing e-commerce performance

Honza focuses on UX, web usability, increasing conversion rates and designing, creating and testing web applications. He works with some of the leading companies, especially in e-commerce. He is a supporter and promoter of the idea "Don't make the user think." He places great emphasis on practicality, efficiency, and evaluation. He will have examples and templates ready for you to put into action the very next day.


Link building for e-shops

Zdeněk has been working with backlinks professionally since 2010. He has experience with both small and huge websites and he regularly writes about link building. For the last five years he has been getting links mostly for Biano. He enjoys finding ideas to get links that not everyone can have, and he loves working with people.


Facebook for e-shops

Honza is one of the leading specialists in performance advertising on Facebook in the Czech Republic. He has spent hundreds of millions of crowns on Facebook and set up thousands of campaigns. He knows that for successful advertising on Facebook, only creativity or text is not enough, so he deals with other areas of online marketing with his clients. His clients include big and small brands such as Zoot, Under Armour, Rybízák, Protein&Co, or Čokolandie.

Martin Matějka - SEO consultant

SEO (not only) for online stores

Martin has dedicated his professional life to SEO for twenty years. He knows all the secrets and nooks and crannies of this marketing discipline and is happy to share his experiences both on his blog and at consulting lunches, as well as within Reshoper. His clients include the biggest players in the industry, so it's no wonder he has the experience to share.

Vašek Jelen - Data Analyst

Analytics for e-shops

Vašek has been involved in digital analytics for more than 10 years - from setting up measurements to visualizing and interpreting data. He helps companies to keep their data in order and to be able to use it to the fullest. The last year he has been devoted primarily to the implementation and use of data from GA4 (including the paid version of GA4 360) as well as connecting GA4 data with other company systems. After years of freelancing, he co-founded the analytics studio MeasureDesign, which, in addition to analytics projects and tailor-made training, educates new analysts. On Reshoper, for example, he will advise how the transition to GA4 will be handled for Shoptet e-shops or how to evaluate campaigns in GA4.

Radek Hrachovec - Specialist in loyalty programs

Loyalty programs

Radek has been devoted to loyalty programs for twenty years and his professional career is permanently linked with this field. He was given a unique chance to devise and launch the Baťa club, which he took care of until 2010. Now, as a freelancer, Radek shares his extensive experience through consultations, workshops and tailor-made complete projects. He is a regular jury member of The Loyalty Awards in London. Over the years, he has accumulated a great deal of information about hundreds of different loyalty programs from around the world and put it in a publicly accessible database at

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